2015 Carnegie DPB summer intern program report

This year’s Department of Plant Biology Summer Internship Program was held June 12th to August 14th. Over 30 domestic and international students participated in this program and conducted experiments in 10 labs at Carnegie DPB. We had a very diverse group of interns this year, with over half of them women, and many from different minority groups.

Besides doing research, interns also went to a seminar series given by Faculty members from Carnegie DPB and Stanford Biology Department. The seminars were specifically oriented to interns, which were mostly undergraduates or high school students. On August 14th, a poster session was held at the seminar room. The interns presented their research work and interacted with the scientific community.

Nearly all the interns presented their work in this very interactive 2-hour session. Many faculty members, postdocs and students from DPB participated in the poster session and discussed science with the interns. The audience was very impressed by the posters and presentations made by the interns.

We would like to thank Kathi Bump for enrolling the interns in the program, Garrett Huntress for technical support, and all the faculty members for the seminars. Finally, many thanks to the postdocs and grad students who acted as supervisors and mentored the interns. Thank you again for doing a great job. 

Wei Feng and Ankit Walia
2015 Carnegie DPB summer intern program co-organizers