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Major Reviews:

Chaiwanon J, Wang W, Zhu JY, Oh E, Wang ZY. (2016) Information Integration and Communication in Plant Growth Regulation. Cell 164(6):1257-68. 

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Research articles

Yang Bi, Zhiping Deng, Weimin Ni, Zhenzhen Zhang, Dasha Savage, Thomas Hartwig, Sunita Patil, Juan A. Oses-Prieto, Kathy H. Li, Peter H Quail, Alma L Burlingame, Shou-Ling Xu, and Zhi-Yong Wang (2021). Arabidopsis ACINUS is O-glycosylated and regulates transcription and alternative splicing of regulators of reproductive transitions. Nature Communication.

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Park CH, Youn JH, Xu SL, Kim JG, Bi Y, Xu N, Mudgett MB, Kim SK, Kim TW, & Wang ZY. (2019) BSU1 family phosphatases mediate Flagellin-FLS2 signaling through a specific phosphocode. BioRxiv doi:

Kim TW, Park CH, Hsu CC, Zhu JY, Hsiao Y, Branon T, Xu SL, Ting AY, and Wang ZY. (2019) Application of TurboID-mediated proximity labeling for mapping a GSK3 kinase signaling network in Arabidopsis. BioRxiv, doi:

Sun L, Feraru E, Feraru MI, Waidmann S, Wang W, Passaia G, Wang ZY, Wabnik K, Kleine-Vehn J. (2020). PIN-LIKES Coordinate Brassinosteroid Signaling with Nuclear Auxin Input in Arabidopsis thaliana.  Curr Biol. 30(9):1579-1588.e6. PMID: 32169207

Guo Z, Zhang Z, Yang X, Yin K, Chen Y, Zhang Z, Shin K, Zhu Q, Wang ZY, Wang W. (2020). PSBR1, encoding a mitochondrial protein, is regulated by brassinosteroid in moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis). Plant Mol Biol. 103(1-2):63-74. PMID: 32040757

Zhang X, Wu J, Yu Q, Liu R, Wang ZY, Sun Y. (2020). AtOFPs Regulate Cell Elongation by Modulating Microtubule Orientation via Direct Interaction with TONNEAU2. Plant Sci. 292:110405. PMID: 32005401

Zhao JL, Zhang LQ, Liu N, Xu SL, Yue ZL, Zhang LL, Deng ZP, Burlingame AL, Sun DY, Wang ZY, Sun Y, Zhang SW (2019). Mutual Regulation of Receptor-Like Kinase SIT1 and B'κ-PP2A Shapes the Early Response of Rice to Salt Stress. Plant Cell. 31(9):2131-2151. doi: 10.1105/tpc.18.00706. PMID: 31221736

Kim EJ, Lee SH, Park CH, Kim SH, Hsu CC, Xu S, Wang ZY, Kim SK, Kim TW. (2019). Plant U-Box40 Mediates Degradation of the Brassinosteroid-Responsive Transcription Factor BZR1 in Arabidopsis Roots. Plant Cell 31(4):791-808. doi: 10.1105/tpc.18.00941

Song L, Chen W, Wang B, Yao QM, Valliyodan B, Bai MY, Zhao MZ, Ye H, Wang ZY, Nguyen HT. (2019) GmBZL3 acts as a major BR signaling regulator through crosstalk with multiple pathways in Glycine max. BMC Plant Biol 19:86. doi: 10.1186/s12870-019-1677-2.

Tian Y, Fan M, Qin Z, Lv H, Wang M, Zhang Z, Zhou W, Zhao N, Li X, Han C, Ding Z, Wang W, Wang ZY, Bai MY. (2018). Hydrogen peroxide positively regulates brassinosteroid signaling through oxidation of the BRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT1 transcription factor. Nat Communication14;9(1):1063. 

Zhu J-Y, Li Y, Cao D, Yang H, Oh E, Bi Y, Zhu S, Wang Z-Y (2017) The F-box protein KIB1 mediates brassinosteroid-induced inactivation and degradation of GSK3-like kinases in Arabidopsis. Mol Cell 66(5):648-657.

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