Wang Lab Members

  • Kanako Bessho-Uehara (Postdoctoral Associate )

  • Yang Bi (Postdoctoral Associate)

  • Veder Garcia (Postdoctoral Associate)

    Veder is interested in the molecular mechanisms that regulate plant growth. His current research project uses molecular, genetic, and proteomic approaches to understand hormone regulation of protein-trafficking in plants with the ultimate goal to increase plant biomass production.

  • Yuchun Hsiao (Fellow)

    I am interested in receptor kinase function in salt signaling pathway and how the BR-auxin circuitry regulates root growth and development.

  • Chuan-Chih Hsu (Postdoctoral Associate)

    I am from Taichung City, Taiwan. I obtained a BS in Agricultural Chemistry from National Taiwan University in Taipei City, Taiwan in June 2007. I then decided to study analytical chemistry so I spent two years to complete a MS in Chemistry at National Taiwan University with Dr. Yu-Ju Chen as my advisor in June 2009. I then moved to West Lafayette in Auguest 2012, and I joined Dr. Andy Tao's lab and spent time designing novel (phospho)proteomic strategies toward comprehensive phosphoproteomic analysis. I recieved my PhD degree in Biochemistry from Purdue University in September 2017, and I joined Dr. Wang's lab as a postdoc in June 2018. I am interested in the development of novel mass spectrometry(MS)-based approaches that faciliate systematically analysis of plant signal transduction and proteome perturbation in response to extracellular stimuli. I believe that MS is a cutting-edge technique to identify all the proteins involved in various biological processes and to illustrate their functional mechanisms in plant cells. My current research project focuses on the study of phosphorylation events in plants under environmental stresses. In my spare time, I enjoy jogging, watching movie, and listening to classical music.

  • Tae-Wuk Kim (Postdoctoral Associate)

  • Weimin Ni (Postdoctoral Associate)

  • Chan Ho Park ( Fellow)

  • Frej Tulin (Fellow)

    I am interested in how plants coordinate cell growth and division. Brassinosteroid (BR) hormones are known for their growth-promoting activity, but also help regulate cell division in certain tissues. I am exploring mechanistic links between BR signaling and cell division, using Arabidopsis and the alga Chlamydomonas as models. 

    I received a M.S. from KTH in Stockholm, Sweden, and a Ph.D. from the Rockefeller University. I like running and ping pong. 

  • XueLian Yang (Visiting Investigator)

    Functional study of brassinosteroid regulated phospho-proteins.

  • Zhenzhen Zhang (Fellow)

    I am interested in mechanisms of plant growth regulated by sugar and brassinosteroid signaling.

  • Jiaying Zhu (Senior Researcher )

    My research interest is to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying developmental plasticity and plant growth regulation by plant hormones and environmental signals including light and temperature.