Evans Lab Members

  • Samuel Hokin (Senior Computational Scientist)

    Sam received his Ph.D. in plasma physics from MIT, did his post-doc at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow, and spent the first 10 years of his career on the faculty of the UW-Madison and then KTH in Stockholm. His middle career was in web development, at a small business that he still co-owns in Madison. His third career started when Kathy Barton hired him to analyze a bunch of RNA-seq data in January, 2013.

    At Carnegie, Sam does various bioinformatics tasks for anyone that needs help. He started out helping the Barton Lab with RNA-seq analysis and software development, then worked with the Evans Lab and the Maize Gametophyte Project on all sorts of things maize. He is 50% at Carnegie DPB and 50% at NCGR in Santa Fe, where he lives. At NCGR, he works on data warehouse software and is delving into the genomic signatures of human diseases.

  • Yongxian Lu (Postdoctoral Associate)

  • Hannah Vahldick (Technician)