Rick Kim's Abstract

The Bhaya Lab is interested in understanding how photosynthetic organisms respond to various environmental conditions. The three main research focuses are 1) metagenome sequence analysis, 2) Engineering thermophilic cyanobacteria, and 3) synthetic biology. We have sequenced DNAs of samples from the nature (the hot springs in Yosemite). We are taking bioinformatic approaches to get the distribution and abundance information of the entire microbes in the samples and analyze the CRISPR sequences to discover the interactions between bacteria and bacteriophage (viral attacks). Also, we are engineering the thermophilic cyanobacteria to understand the features and functions of the genes and apply to protein engineering at high temperature. Lastly, we are also developing synthetic biology tools in cyanobacteria to enable various applications in agriculture and microbiology. In our internship training, you’ll be able to gain experience in molecular cloning, PCR, Western blot, and bioinformatic analysis.