Frej Tulin's abstract

Characterization of Chlamydomonas GSK3 during cell division

There is only limited knowledge about chlamy GSK3. We know that (1) GSK3 (like BSL1) is found in the proteome of the flagellar “transition zone”, and that (2) knock-down of GSK3, and treatment with lithium ions confers a long flagella phenotype (deletion of GSK3 is likely lethal). It would be worthwhile I think to examine GSK3’s role in cell division.

The project would be mostly microscopy-based, with the possibility of some biochemistry.

Main experiments

-          Treat cells with Li+ at various points in the cell cycle to see if Li­+ produces a specific phenotype. Take advantage of marker strains (microtubules, centrin, BSL1-Venus etc.). Look at morphology, flagella, cell size etc for clues about function.

-          Localize GSK3-GFP through cell cycle in WT and various mutant background (e.g. cdc20, cdkb …)

-          Possibly IP of GSK3-3xFLAG and mass spectrometric analysis to identify interacting proteins.