High School Students


What opportunities are there for high school students at Carnegie?
The various labs at the Carnegie have a limited number of spaces for high school students.  Students may have their own research project or they may assist others in their experiments.  Students receive one-on-one training and are closely supervised either by a postdoctoral scientist or a graduate student.
What will I learn?
That depends.  Some projects involve a lot of hands on observations of plants.  Other projects are more molecularly oriented, and involve learning how to prepare and manipulate DNA, RNA or proteins.  Yet other projects might use computational technologies to answer questions in plant biology.
How much time do I need to devote?
A minimum of 12 hours a week over the course of a school year is necessary for most projects.  Since this may be difficult to accommodate during the school year, you may want to consider research during the summer the Summer Intern Program at Carnegie’s Department of Plant Biology.
How do I apply?
You may contact staff members at any time to let them know you are interested and to find out if there are any positions open.  A good time to contact staff members is in the winter when they are making plans for summer interns.