Graduate Studies

The Carnegie Department of Plant Biology is a fantastic place to pursue graduate studies.  With its relatively small size, collegial atmosphere and shared equipment, students find themselves in a very interactive environment with access to the latest advances in technology.
Graduate students working at Carnegie are admitted through Stanford’s Biology Department and receive their graduate degrees from Stanford University.  Upon arriving on campus, students can choose to rotate through a wide variety of research labs, including Carnegie DPB labs.
Beyond the standard coursework, students attend the weekly Plant Biology Seminar series.  Each week, experts in biological sciences – with an emphasis on the plant sciences – present their research.  About half the speakers are local and the other half are from other institutions.   An informal reception is held after each seminar allowing all students and postdocs to interact with the week’s speaker and with other plant scientists.  This seminar series is funded by the Carnegie Institution’s endowment.
Information on the application process can be found here.
Students applying to graduate school should also think about applying for graduate fellowships.  Information about applying for an NSF predoctoral fellowship can be found here.