Carnegie Institution Postdoc Association (CIPA)



September 20, 2018

Event "The Science Communicatin Power of Cocktails"

CIPA organized a one-hour event with Shoots and Root co-founder Rachel Meyer, PhD, to learn about the natural science, theory, and history behind the plants that make up your cocktails.

August 3, 2018

Event "The Chemistry Behind Wine Tasting" 

CIPA organized a 1-hour wine tasting even with Gallow wine researcher Bruce Pan, PhD, where we learn about the chemical compounds that make wine smell and taste ever so good. We then put our new knowledge to the test by trying a variety of Charnonnays.

May 15, 2017
Workshop "Scientific Illustrations using Adobe Illustrator"
CIPA organized a 2-hour workshop on basic scientific figure design using Adobe Illustrator for 20 Postdocs of DPB and DGE on May 15, 2017. The workshop instructors, Kat Ng, a postdoctoral scholar in Bioengineering in KC Huang's lab at Stanford, and Carlos Gonzalez, a PhD candidate in Chemical & Systems Biology in Josh Elias's lab at Stanford. Both instructors have taught this workshop many times at Stanford before and are very knowledgeable. The workshop had a lot of hands-on practice and the Postdocs were encouraged to bring figures they were currently struggling with. The feedback from the workshop attendees after the workshop was very positive.


The Carnegie Institution Postdoc Association (CIPA) was established in September 2015 to bring together the Postdocs from all Departments at Carnegie Science. Together with Carnegie's faculty and its employees, we want to enrich the professional and personal experience of the Postdocs at Carnegie Science.