Phone/Email Directory
Department of PLANT BIOLOGY
Last updated: 7/15/15
PHONE     650 325-1521  
FAX     650 325-6857  
Seminar Room     Ext: 280  
Conference Room-1st Floor   Ext: 256  
Conference Room-2nd Floor   Ext: 225  


Last First Position Lab Phone Email
Aksoy Hulya Assistant Business Manager DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4201
Aksoy Munevver Fellow Grossman Lab 650-739-4287
Ao Man Visitor Wang Lab
Ast Cindy Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Banf Michael Fellow Rhee Lab
Barton Kathy Staff Member Barton Lab, DPB Faculty 650-739-4224
Bezrutczyk Margaret Technician Frommer Lab
Bhaya Devaki Adjunct Staff Member Bhaya Lab, DPB Faculty 650-739-4282
Bi Yang Visitor Wang Lab
Bossi Flavia Fellow Rhee Lab 650-739-4263
Briggs Winslow Director Emeritis Briggs Lab, DPB Faculty 650-739-4207
Bump Kathi Business Manager DGE Administration, DPB Administration, DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4204
Cabalona Lance Intern Evans Lab 650-739-4335
Carbajal Avelino Greenhouse Assistant DPB/DGE Facilities
Cartwright Heather Core Imaging Director DPB Microscopy, Ehrhardt Lab, Frommer Lab 650-739-4345
Catalanotti Claudia Postdoctoral Research Associat Grossman Lab 650-739-4286
Chandra Anchal Postdoctoral Associate Bhaya Lab 650-325-1521
Chau Rosanna Graduate Student Bhaya Lab
Chavez Taylor   Frommer Lab
Chen Vivian Rotation Student Jonikas Lab
Chen Li-Qing Senior Research Associate Frommer Lab 650-739-4217
Cheon Unique   Dinneny Lab
Chermak Diane Lab Associate DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Frommer Lab 650-739-4222
Chettoor Antony Postdoctoral Associate Evans Lab 650-739-4265
Cheung Lily Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab 650-325-1521
Chien Chih-Wei Postdoctoral Associate Wang Lab
Chuangqi Wei Predoctoral Associate Wang Lab
Clowez Sophie Postdoctoral Associate Grossman Lab
Coker Clayton Lab Tecnician DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Evans Lab 650-739-4394
Conway Erica Intern Frommer Lab
Cortinas Susan Assistant Grants Administrator DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4221
Davison Michelle Postdoctoral Associate Bhaya Lab, DPB/DGE Lab Managers
Dinh Aileen   Dinneny Lab
Dinneny José Staff Member DPB Faculty, Dinneny Lab 650-739-4257
Do Melissa   Evans Lab
Dorone Yanniv   Rhee Lab
Duan Lina Fellow Dinneny Lab 650-325-1521
Ehrhardt David Staff Member DPB Faculty, Ehrhardt Lab 650-739-4261
Eom Joon-Seob Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Evans Matt Adjunct Staff DPB Faculty, Evans Lab 650-739-4283
Fajon Sarah   Grossman Lab
Fan Jue Postdoctoral Associate Rhee Lab 650-739-4325
Fauser Friedrich Fellow Jonikas Lab
Feng Wei Postdoctoral Associate Dinneny Lab
Foret Jessica Lab Technician Frommer Lab
Fossee Preston   Grossman Lab
Freeman Liz Graduate Student Jonikas Lab
Frommer Wolf Director DPB Administration, DPB Faculty, Frommer Lab 650-739-4208
Garcia Ciara Intern Frommer Lab
Garcia Veder Postdoctoral Associate Wang Lab
Gong Yan Rotation Student Frommer Lab
Goudinho Willian   Dinneny Lab
Greene Zoe   Grossman Lab
Grimault Aurelie Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Grossman Arthur Staff Member DPB Faculty, Grossman Lab 650-739-4212
Halim Ronald   Grossman Lab
Han In-Seob Visitor Rhee Lab
Han Jae-Eon Intern Briggs Lab
Hartwig Thomas Fellow Wang Lab 650-325-1521
Ho Cheng-Hsun Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab 650-325-1521
Hoffnagle Alexander   Bhaya Lab
Hokin Samuel Senior Computational Scientist Barton Lab
Hou Bi-Huei Sr. Lab Technician Frommer Lab 650-739-4438
Huntress Test Test User   555-555-555
Huntress Garret IS Manager   650-739-4377
Idoine Adam Postdoctoral Associate Grossman Lab
Itakura Alan   Jonikas Lab
Ivanova Nina Laboratory Technician DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Jonikas Lab 650-325-1521
Jin Haojie Postdoctoral Associate Bhaya Lab
Jinkerson Robert Fellow Jonikas Lab
Jones Alexander Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab 650-739-4366
Jones-Mansaw Shavon IT Support Specialist   650-739-4215
Jonikas Martin Young-Investigator-Staff Scien DPB Faculty, Jonikas Lab 650-739-4216
Kao Wei-Chuan Assistant to the Director DPB Administration 650-739-4299
Kaye Yuval Postdoctoral Associate Grossman Lab
Khanna Rajnish Fellow Briggs Lab 650-325-1521
Kim Rick Intern Grossman Lab
Kim Ruth Jean Ae   Rhee Lab
Kim Tae Hyong Postdotoral Associate Rhee Lab 650-325-1521
Koh Dylan   Rhee Lab
Koik Sarah   Evans Lab
LaRue Therese   Dinneny Lab
Lee Evana Financial Accountant DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4352
Li Yuyao   Wang Lab
Li Xiaobo Postdoctoral Associate Jonikas Lab 650-325-1521
Lin I Graduate Student Frommer Lab 650-325-1521
Lindeboom Jitze Jelmer Fellow Ehrhardt Lab 650-325-1521
Lindner Heike Fellow Dinneny Lab
Liu Tie Fellow Barton Lab 650-739-4237
Lu Yongxian Fellow Evans Lab 650-739-4209
Mackinder Luke Fellow Jonikas Lab 650-325-1521
Mai Luong   Rhee Lab
Nakamura Masayoshi Fellow Ehrhardt Lab 650-325-1521
Nam Hye In Laboratory Technician DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Rhee Lab 650-739-4235
Oh Eunkyoo Postdoctoral Associate Wang Lab 650-739-4227
Park Chan Ho Fellow Wang Lab 650-325-1521
Park Sun Hyee Intern Wang Lab
Patena Weronika Laboratory Technician Jonikas Lab 650-325-1521
Patil Sunita Technician DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Wang Lab 650-739-4264
Prior Matthew Graduate Student Frommer Lab, Jonikas Lab
Qu Xiaoqing Predoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Raab Ted Senior Investigator DPB/DGE Lab Managers 650-325-1521
Ramundo Silvia   Jonikas Lab
Rebeles Sergio   Evans Lab
Rellan-Alvarez Ruben Postdoctoral Research Associate Dinneny Lab 650-325-1521
Rhee Sue Staff Member DPB Faculty, Rhee Lab 650-739-4251
Robbins Neil Graduate Student Dinneny Lab
Robertson Jacob   Jonikas Lab
Rodriguez Vanessa   Frommer Lab
Saroussi Shai Postdoctoral Associate Grossman Lab 650-739-4219
Scerri Jennifer Grants Administrator DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4214
Schlapfer Joëlle Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Schlapfer Pascal Visitor Rhee Lab
Sebastian Jose Postdoctoral Associate Dinneny Lab 650-325-1521
Selvanayagam Jebasingh Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Sharma Nidhi Postdoctoral Associate Barton Lab 650-325-1521
Slade Maria Accounts Payable Specialist DPB/DGE Business Office
Sosso Davide Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab 650-739-4367
Sriram Vivek   Rhee Lab
Sun Yu   Wang Lab
Talavera-Rauh Franklin lab Technician Barton Lab, DPB/DGE Lab Managers 650-739-4355
Tang Allen Intern Wang Lab
Tran Amy Intern Frommer Lab
Trontin Charlotte Postdoctoral Research Associate Dinneny Lab 650-325-1521
Tseng Tong-seung Fellow Briggs Lab, DPB/DGE Lab Managers 650-739-4268
Van De Sande Theo Operations Manager DPB/DGE Facilities 650-739-4262
Varnau Rachel Intern Frommer Lab
Vazquez Angelica Maintenace Assoc. Dishwasher DPB/DGE Facilities 650-739-4297
Vellosillo Tamara   Ehrhardt Lab
Vilarrasa-Blasi Josep   Dinneny Lab
Villa Ismael Greenhouse Assistant DPB/DGE Facilities 650-714-8236
Villaverde Ramón   Dinneny Lab
Walia Pallavi   Ehrhardt Lab
Walia Ankit Fellow DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Ehrhardt Lab 650-739-4316
Wang Shumin   Wang Lab
Wang Wenfei Visitor Wang Lab
Wang Xiaoqin
Wang Chuan Postdoctoral Associate Rhee Lab 650-325-1521
Wang Zhiyong Staff Member DPB Faculty, Wang Lab 650-739-4205
Weizbauer Renee Postdoctoral Associate Ehrhardt Lab 650-325-1521
Williams Tuai AP Specialist DPB Administration, DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4200
Williams Naoia Receptionist DPB/DGE Business Office 650-739-4218
Winslow Christa   Evans Lab
Wist Dahlia Greenhouse Manager DPB/DGE Facilities 650-739-4255
Wittkopp Tyler Graduate Student DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Grossman Lab
Xiang TingTing Postdoctoral Associate Grossman Lab 650-325-1521
Xu Nicole   Wang Lab
Xu Sophia   Frommer Lab
Xu Shouling Postdoctoral Associate Wang Lab 650-739-4288
Yang XueLian Visitor Wang Lab
Yang Jungil Postdoctoral Associate Frommer Lab
Yang Wenqiang Fellow Grossman Lab 650-739-4291
Yee Muh-Ching Senior Lab Manager DPB/DGE Lab Managers, Dinneny Lab 650-325-1521
Yen Jeffery   Evans Lab
Zhang Peifen Curator Rhee Lab 650-739-4358
Zhang Ru Postdoctoral Associate Grossman Lab 650-739-4292
Zhu Jiaying Postdoctoral Associate Wang Lab 650-325-1521