Yanniv Dorone awarded a prestigious graduate fellowship from Stanford

Yanniv Dorone, a graduate student in Director Sue Rhee’s lab, has been awarded a prestigious Stanford Graduate Fellowship. These two-year fellowships offer more than $150,000 in financial and career development support and are “awarded to only the very best students in the sciences and engineering.”
Dorone’s research aims to identify and characterize unknown methods by which plants orchestrate gene activity through regulating the transcription of DNA into RNA. He works with the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana, a commonly used research subject for plant scientists.
He was nominated for the honor by Stanford’s Biology Department and selected by the university wide Graduate Fellowships Faculty Advisory Committee.
“We are so thrilled for Yanniv’s recognition with this fellowship,” Rhee said. “It is one of the highest honors a Stanford graduate student can receive and illustrates that the university expects great things of Yanniv, as do we in my lab and at the Departments of Biology and Carnegie Plant Biology as a whole.”