Winslow Briggs' 90th Birthday Symposium: April 19, 2018

A Celebration of 66 Years of Photobiology Research:

Winslow Briggs has been conducting and publishing research for 66 years, right up to the present day (he is presently growing and measuring fava bean plants in the greenhouse). His incomparable career has been highlighted by many seminal discoveries. These include the demonstration that light regulates auxin transport in phototropism (the bending of plants toward light), the discovery of phototropins as the photoreceptors that drive phototropism, the discovery of phototropin-like photoreceptors that modulate bacterial infection of host animals and plants, and the mechanism by which smoke from forest fires trigger germination of dormant seeds. In addition to his many scientific accomplishments, Winslow has mentored a large number of graduate students and postdocs, many of whom have become major players in plant biology. Further, his leadership and inspiration have shaped the science and careers of generations of researchers at the Department of Plant Biology of the Carnegie Institution for Science. Not least of his important contributions has been dedication to the Annual Review of Plant Biology as a long-time editor and to the journal Molecular Plant as a founding editor. With generous financial support from these two journals and the Carnegie Institution for Science, we now invite you to A Celebration of 66 Years of Winslow’s Research - an all-day symposium here at Carnegie/Stanford, on April 19, 2018. The symposium will feature presentations by past and present Briggs lab members and collaborators, as well as leading scientists in the plant photobiology field.

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