The Carnegie Institution welcomes the Dinneny lab to the Department of Plant Biology

José Dinneny and 5 members of his lab have moved from the Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory in Singapore to their new home in building 100 of the DPB. José is no stranger to the Bay Area as he received his BS from the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley. At UC San Diego, he worked with Detlef Weigel and Martin Yanofsky in the Division of Biological Sciences and the Salk Institute to uncover important pathways controlling the growth and patterning of lateral organs in the shoot. His research was directed underground during his post-doctoral studies in the lab of Philip Benfey at Duke University where he performed a first-ever cell-type specific analysis of abiotic stress response using Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting. His current work is aimed at understanding how plants acclimate to changes in salinity and water levels, two of the most important parameters of soil influencing agricultural productivity.