Watercolors by Yoju

Art imitates nature, or does it enhance it? In her vibrant artwork, Yoju takes familiar, everyday objects and makes them richer and more vibrant; larger than life. A simple fish, a common apple: each becomes a celebration of form, pattern and color. Strong, graphic lines create a woodcut effect, and striking hues give each work a vivid clarity. With an attentive eye and skilled technique, Yoju displays both the inner life and outer shape of her subjects. Notice how she delineates particular features — a fish’s eyes, a mountain’s shadows — through the emphasis of line and varying shades of color. Yoju’s unique still life’s will accent a dining room or kitchen, while her landscape artwork will add grace to a living room or hallway. Representing a variety of subjects and styles, they’ll show you life through art’s eyes. 

Monterey Sunset with Bird


Born in Hokkaido, Japan, and raised in Tokyo, Yoju first expressed an interest in art at the age of 4. She began formal study at the age of 8 at the Maejima Academy of Art, Tokyo where she continued for 25 years. Additional studies in Calligraphy with the well known instructor, Fujo Minami, Tokyo, were conducted throughout her primary and high school years. After high school followed three years of intensive study at the Kuwasawa and Ootsuka Academy of Design, Tokyo, and an additional 4 years of study at the Pacific Ocean Academy of Art, Tokyo.

During the first 25 years of her career, Yoju concentrated on oil painting as her principle medium. In 1980 she made a significant shift from oil to her current medium which includes gouache, water soluble pencil and crayon, pastel, China ink, suminagashi (water prints), and collage. During the latter part of her oil painting period and early part of her current period her work has been exhibited at numerous galleries as well as in group and solo exhibitions in Japan. At the present time, Yoju's art studio is located in Saratoga, CA. 

For more information on the artist, please contact:

Yoju’s Studio
(408) 446-4178