Gene Ontology:  We are a founding member of the Gene Ontology Consortium ( and participate in the Reference Genome Annotation Project which aims to maximize and optimize the GO annotation of a representative set of key reference genomes (A. thaliana, C. elegans, D. rerio, D. discoideum, D. melanogaster, E. coli, G. gallus, H. sapiens, M. musculus, R. norvegicus, S. cerevisiae, S. pombe).  TAIR curators extract Arabidopsis gene function data from  the recent literature each month and incorporate it into TAIR, focusing primarily on newly characterized genes.


Collaboration with plant journals:  We have pioneered a new approach  to stimulate community participation in curation of gene function by collecting data from authors of research articles at the time of article acceptance.  TAIR has established partnerships with a set of plant-oriented journals including Plant Cell; Plant Physiology; The Plant Journal; Journal of Integrative Plant Biology; Journal of Experimental Botany; Plant Science; Environmental Botany; Plant Physiology and Biochemistry; Plant, Cell and Environment; and Molecular Plant.  The participating journals have included a statement within their author instructions encouraging submission of gene function data to the database via a simple online submission form.  The partnership has been increasingly successful in bringing gene function data from newly published articles into TAIR.