Arthur Grossman Curriculum Vitae


                                              Arthur R. Grossman
Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience:
Present Position: Staff Member (Since 1982)              Professor by courtesy
                           Carnegie Institution of Washington    Department of Biology
                           Department of Plant Biology             Stanford University
                           260 Panama Street                         Herrin Hall
                           Stanford, California, 94305               Stanford, California 94305
                           Telephone: (650) 325-1521
Past Position:    Assist. Professor by courtesy, 1982-1989, Dept of Biology, Stanford University
                         Assoc. Professor by courtesy, 1989-2000, Dept of Biology, Stanford University

Education and Research Experience:

Postdoctoral Fellow. 1978-1982. The Rockefeller University, Department of Cell Biology. Research: Uptake of Polypeptides into chloroplasts.

Ph.D. 1978. Indiana University, Department of Biological Sciences.  Dissertation: Characterization of Photosynthetic Mutants in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

B.S. with Honors. 1973. Brooklyn College, New York. Major in Biology.

Honors, Services and Fellowships:
2009              Steering committee, Joint Genome Institute
2009              Recipient Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal (National Academy of Sciences)
2008-2009      National Resources Defense Council Algal Biofuels Advisory Committee
2007              Editorial Board Eukaryotic Cell
2005-2009      Editorial Board Annu Rev Genet
2004              Geographical represented for the International Society of Photosynthesis Research               (elected position)
2002              Darbaker Prize for work on microalgae (Botanical Society of America)
2000-2008      Editorial Board, Current Genetics   
2000-2003      Scientific Advisory Board for the Wallenberg Consortium North
2000              Advisory Committee, Arizona State University Consortium to establish a NSF       funded Biotechnology Center
2000-2004      Editorial Board, Plant and Cell Physiology
2000              Organizer of Symposium ‘The Dynamics and Evolution of Light Harvesting Complexes (to honor Elizabeth Gantt)
1999              Coorganizer of Symposium to Honor the retirement of Olle Bjórkman
1998              Organizer of US-Japan Binational Meeting (Asilomar, CA)
1997-2010      Editorial Board, Journal of Phycology
1996-98          Editorial Board, Journal of Biological Chemistry
1996              Guest on the Editorial Board of the Annual Review of Genetics (1998, Vol. 32)
1995              Plenary Lecture - Japan Society of Plant Physiologists (March)
1995              Coordinator for the Organization of the Plant Biology Retreat
1994              Member of AIBS panel to evaluate joint projects in plant biology
1994              Editor-Seminars in Cell Biology "Light regulation in photosynthetic organisms" (Autumn, 1994)
1994             Organizer of the Plant Biology Retreat
1993             Guest on the Editorial Board of the Annual Review of Genetics (1995 Vol. 29)
1993             Organizer Cyanobacterial Workshop at Asilomar
1993             Guest Teacher in Marine Molecular Phycology Course at Friday Harbor
1992             Recipient-Nehru University, Dept of Biotechnology Fellowship to work in India for 3 months (January - April 1992)
1992             Guest Teacher in Marine Molecular Phycology Course at Friday Harbor
1992             Organizer of the Carnegie Seminar Series
1991             Member Photosynthesis Panel (USDA)
1991             Help in organization of conference on tetrapyrrols  (Solicited by Paul Castelfrance)
1990             Editorial Board Journal of Plant Growth Regulation
1989             Member NSF Panel - Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards
1988             Organizer of the Carnegie Seminar Series
1988             Participated in the organization of the C. Stacy French Symposium on Photosynthesis.
1988             Member NSF Panel - Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards
1987             Member Program Committee “Molec. Biol. of Cyanobacteria Workshop, St. Louis, MO, July 17-19
1987             Member of Photosynthesis Panel (USDA)
1987             Organizer of the Carnegie Seminar Series
1987-93         Editorial Board Plant Physiology
1985             Guest Member of .Editorial Board for the Annu. Rev. of Plant Physiology (1987 Vol.)
1985             Member of Plant Molecular Biology Panel (USDA)
1984             Member of NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship Panel
1979-81         National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship
1977              Floyd Fellowship
1974-97         National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship
1972              L. Whorley Award in Biology
1968-72         New York State Regents Scholarship
                    Phi Beta Kappa
                    American Society of Plant Physiologists

1982-2002     Numerous ad hoc reviews for NSF and USDA, and some for NIH and DOE (as well as for a number of international agencies).  I have also done numerous reviews for a variety of journals including Science, Nature, PNAS, The Plant Cell, EMBO Journal, The Plant Journal, Molecular Microbiology, Plant Physiology and Journal of Bacteriology.

Teaching activities:
1.    Thirteen lectures in course on algae and fungi (offered once every couple of years).
2.    Lectures in Plant Molecular Biology course (every time it is offered).
3.    Lectures in Plant Biochemistry course (every other year).
4.    Plant Physiology lectures. Selected lectures in 2000 and 2001 on the molecular aspects of anion assimilation.
5.    Biology 301.  A lecture each year to introduce students to work in my laboratory (every year).
6.    2009 – Freshman course at Stanford University – From photosynthesis to biofuels.

Teaching Experience:
1976              Indiana Univ., Laboratory section of the Physiology Course.
1984, 1990,    Stanford Univ., Course on Algae and Fungi (with Sarah Fultz) - thirteen lectures each time.
1987-1995      Stanford Univ., Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Biochemistry courses (team taught; Sharon Long, Virginia Walbot, Peter Ray, and Neil Hoffman).  Generally, I give between 5 and 10 lectures a year for various courses in the Biology Department of Stanford University.
1983-1993      Helped in organization of several seminar courses. Gave two or three lectures in Biology 301 yearly.
1993-2010      Numerous guest lectures in various courses including Plant Biochemistry, Marine Microbiology (Hopkins Marine Station), Plant Molecular Biology.
1992/1993     Course on Molecular Biology of Marine Algae (with Lynda Goff and Annette Coleman).

Former Graduate Students:
Laura Green.  Sulfur Acquisition in Anacystis nidulans.  Grad. August 1988.  Present Position:  Research Associate, University of Missouri in Columbia.
Eugenio deHostos.  The Derepressible Arylsulfate in C. reinhardtii.  Grad. November 1988.  Research Associate, Cytokinetics Inc.
Jackie Collier. The Degradation and Biosynthesis of Phycobilisomes and Assembly of the Photosynthetic Apparatus in Anacystis nidulans.  Associate Professor, SUNY Stony Brook Marine Sciences Research Center
Elena Casey.  Molecular Genetic Analysis of Complementary Chromatic Adaptation. Grad. May 1996. Elena     Assistant Professor, Georgetown University, Department of Biology.
Dennis Wykoff. Acclimation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to phosphate limitation. Grad. July 1999. Postdoctoral fellow, University of California, San Francisco (Just accepted job at Villanova).
Claire Granger. Acclimation of Arabidopsis to phosphorus limitation.  Grad. May 1999 (Masters Student). Marketing Agent for Clonetech

Former Postdoctoral Fellows:
John Coleman. 1984. Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Toronto, Professor.
Terri Lomax. 1986. Dept. of Botany, Oregon State Univ., Professor.
Peggy Lemaux. 1987.  Dept. of Molecular Plant Biology, Univ. of California-Berkeley, Professor
Pamela Conley. 1988. Pathology Dept. (with Jerry Crabtree), Stanford Medical School, Research Associate.
Maryse Block.  1988.  Laboratory Physiologie Vegetale, Grenoble, France, Senior Staff Scientist.
Nancy Federspiel. 1989. Senior scientist, Human Genome Project, Department of Genetics Stanford University.
Lamont Anderson.  1990.  Dept. of Biology, Colorado College, Professor.
David Laudenbach.  1991.  Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, Assistant Professor (Deceased).
Jill Ray. 1991.   NIH, Washington, DC, Research Associate.
Gisela Chiang. 1992.  Baxter Scientific Laboratories.
Michael Schaefer. 1993. National Institutes of Health, Program Director.
Kirk Apt. 1996. Martek Biosciences Corporation, Columbia, MD, Vice-President of Research.
Kris Niyogi. 1997. University of California, Berkeley, CA., Associate Professor.
John Davies. 1998. Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Portland Oregon, Senior Scientist.
David Kehoe. 1998. Indiana University, Bloomington, IA, Associate Professor.
Rakefet Schwarz. 2000. Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel, Associate Professor.
Lorraine van Waasbergen. 2000. University of Texas in Arlington, Assistant Professor.
Devaki Bhaya. 2001. Carnegie Institution of Washington, Staff Associate.
Qingfang He. 2002. University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Assistant Professor.
Martin Lohr. 2003. University of Mainz, Research Associate.
Wing-On Ng. 2002. Stanford University, Research Associate.
Chung-Soon Im. 2006. Research Scientist, Solazyme Inc
Oliver Kilian. 2007. Aurora Biotechnology.
Anne Steunou, 2007. CNRS Postion, Gif-sur-Yvette.
Florence Mus, 2008. Junior manager, Metabolic Explorer, Saint- Beauzire FRANCE.
Jeffrey Moseley. 2009. Aurora Biofuels.
Shaun Bailey. 2009. Aurora Biofuels.
David Gonzalez-Ballester. Researcher, University of Cordoba, Spain

Present Graduate Students:
Wirulda Pootakham. Acclimation of Chlamydomomas to sulfur deprivation.
Kate Rose Mackey.  Photosynthesis and nutrient deprivation responses in marnine cyanobacteria.
Melissa Adams. Cyanobacteria of the hotsprings.
Blaise Hamel. Photosynthesis at high temperatures.
Zubin Huang. Examination of photosynthetic function using AFM.

Present Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates:
David Dewez. The genes and proteins of the green lineage: Unknowns associated with photosynthetic function.
Mark Heinnickel. The genes and proteins of the green lineage: Unknowns associated with photosynthetic function.
Claudia Cattalanotti. The acclimation of Chlamydomonas to anoxia.
Wenqiang Yang. The acclimation of Chlamydomonas to anoxia.
Eva Nowack. The evolution of plastids.

Academic/Industrial Affiliations:
Joint project with Martek Biosciences Corporation in Columbia, MD.  Molecular manipulation of chromophytic algae to facilitate production of metabolites and specific lipids (1993-2000).
Consultant for Exelixis Pharmaceuticals.
Chief of Genetics, Solazyme (2007-present)

External Support Since 1995:
2010-2014    From the genome to photosynthetic function (NSF $732,000 total)
2010-2012    The Porphyra model system and the need for transformation (NSF $65,362 total)
2008-2011    Acclimation of Chlamydomonas to sulfur deprivation conditions (NSF $450,000 total).
2007-2010    Filling knowledge Gaps in Biological Networks: Integrated global approaches to understand H2 metabolism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (NSF $600,000 total).
2003-2010    Chlamydomonas Genomics: Photosynthesis and acclimation (NSF $3,197,682).
2004-2008    Probing acclimation responses in Prochlorococcus ecotypes through analyses of global gene expression. NSF Oceanography ($500,000 total)
2004-2007    Generation of bioelectricity in algae. GCEP ($450,000 total)
2003-2008    Do species matter in microbial communities?  NSF ($5,000,000 - total for the consortium)
2004-2006    The role of the STAS domain in sulfur deprivation. USDA (180,000)
2003-2008    Chlamydomonas genomics: Photosynthesis and acclimation. NSF ($3,100,000 - total for the consortium).
2002-2004    Acclimation of Chlamydomonas to phosphorus starvation. USDA ($90,000)
2001-2005    Genetic dissection of photoprotection and characterization of npq mutants. NSF ($460,000).
2001-2002    Global analysis of acclimation processes in cyanobacteria. NSF ($100,000).
2000-2003    Analysis of gene expression during acclimation of cyanobacteria to stress conditions. NSF International Program ($21,000). This grant is for travel and collaborative work with Daniel Vaulot in Roscoff.
1999-2002    Analysis of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genome: A model unicellular system for analyzing gene function and regulation in vascular plants. NSF ($3,300,000, approximately $2,000,000 of that comes to Carnegie and the rest to other institutions that are participating in the project).
1998-2001    Dissection of nutrient deprivation responses in cyanobacteria. NSF ($300,000).
1998-2001    Defining the regulation if the blue/UV-A light inducible hliA gene. USDA ($210,000).
1998-1999    US-Japan Binational Conference; The effects of environmental conditions on CO2 fixation and the photosynthetic apparatus. NSF ($12,000).
1998-2000    The use of transformation in diatoms. NSF/Martek Corporation (subcontract for $150,000).
1996-1999    Acclimation of Chlamydomonas to sulfur limitation: Regulation and survival. USDA ($202,000).
1996-1999    Photobiology and genetic analysis of complementary chromatic adaptation. NSF ($300,000)
1996-1999    The acclimation of a photosynthetic eukaryote to phosphorus limitation. NSF International Program (33,000). Collaborative work with Hideaki Usuda and Kosuke Shimogawara.
1997-1999    High light and blue-UV-A regulated light responses in photosynthetic organisms. USDA ($140,000).
1994-1996    NblA/TxlA and the biosynthesis of the photosynthetic apparatus. USDA ($100,000).
1993-1996    Gene transfer in marine algae. Martek ($72,000).
1992-1995    Regulation and targeting of light harvesting proteins in marine diatoms. NSF ($230,000). Neil Hoffman as co-PI.