Frommer Lab Access to Resources

How to obtain nanosensor plasmid clones:
Nanosensor plasmid clones have been deposited at Addgene. The website provides direct links to Addgene order forms as well as sequences, Kd curves, and plasmid maps.

How to obtain published yeast strains and plasmid clones, e.g. the split ubiquitin system:
Split ubiquitin strains and plasmids have been deposited at ABRC. The table provides direct links to ABRC order forms as well as sequences, genbank format and plasmid maps. The table can also be accessed through the associomics website.

How to obtain materials not available through Addgene or ABRC:
Unpublished Material can be obtained upon request. You can download the Carnegie MTA in duplicate, fill in which Materials you would like to use (be as specific as possible), have both copies signed by an official of your university, provide a detailed delivery address including contact name, a phone number (FEDEX requirement) an email address and a FEDEX account number and send the request to:

Jessica Cima
Administrative Services Manager
Carnegie Institution of Washington
1530 P Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 232-3140 (fax)

We will then try to get the samples to you as soon as possible after receiving a copy of the executed document from our administration.