Hong Qiao, The University of Texas at Austin, The interplay between Chromatin regulation and ethylene signaling

Event Dates: May 5, 2017 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Hosted by:  Zhiyong Wang

We have revealed that in the presence of ethylene, EIN2 C-terminus is involved in the regulation of the elevation of acetylation at H3K14 and H3K23.EIN2, the key factor of ethylene signaling, regulates the levels of H3K14/23Ac, and a histone binding protein ENAP1 is potentially involved in the process. However, the molecular mechanism is undermined. Here, by using CRISPR/dCAS9-EIN2-C and ChIP re-ChIP-seq, we found with ethylene, EIN2-C is associated with histone partially through the interaction with ENAP1, which preferentially binds to open chromatin areas both with and without ethylene, and EIN3 prefers to bind the loci where ENAP1 enriched. Overall, our study reveals without ethylene treatment, ENAP1 interacts with histone potentially preserving the open chromatin states for a quick response, with ethylene treatment, EIN2 interacts with ENAP1, elevating H3K14/23Ac, leads to more binding of EIN3 to a subset of targets for a quick gene regulation.