International symposium celebrates 85th birthday of the Director emeritus of the Department of Plant Biology

On Nov 2nd, we held a symposium honoring Dr. Winslow Briggs, the staff member and former Director of the department of Biology here on our campus in Stanford. The symposium was attended by distinguished international speakers, who gave keynote presentations. The presentations focused on light perception and signaling in plants, honoring the fundamental discoveries made by Dr. Briggs, who continues to carry out important scientific research with exceptional success. The symposium also highlighted his activities as a ranger who plays a key role with his wife Ann in the Henry W. Coe State Park ( and his more recent work with Steve Smith and David Nelson on smoke-induced seed germination. The symposium was organized by Rajnish Khanna.

Symposium In Honor of
Winslow Briggs

Saturday, November 2nd

Department of Plant Biology
Carnegie Institution for Science
260 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94305

09:00 am: Opening Remarks (Wolf)

09:10 am: Masamitsu Wada
Title: Chloroplast and nuclear photorelocation mediated by phototropins.
09:40 am: Akira Nagatani
Title: Inter-cellular/tissue/organ communications in plant responses to light stimulus.
10:10 am: Peter Quail
 Title: Phytochrome signaling: From pellets to PIFs.

10:40 am: Coffee break

11:00 am: Christian Fankhauser
Title: Phototropism in Arabidopsis hypocotyls: getting to the site of perception & action.
11:20 am: Zheng-Hui He
Title: Vitamin B6 Homeostatic Signaling Revealed by root ultraviolet-B sensitive Mutants
11:40 am: Sheng Luan
Title: Photosystem II assembly

12:00 pm: Lunch

02:00 pm: Chentao Lin
Title: The CRY-signaling protein CIBs in plants.
02:20 pm: Steven Smith
Title: Rising from the ashes – how wildfires stimulate regeneration.
02:40 pm: David Nelson
Title: From smoke signals to hormone mirrors: the evolution of host-perception in parasitic weeds.
03:00 pm: Zhiyong Wang
Title: The many connections between light, clock, and hormones
03:20 pm: Devaki Bhaya
Title: A Win-Win situation: using light to move directionally.
03:40 pm: Arthur Grossman
Title: Light absorption through my years at Carnegie
04:00 pm: Eberhard Schaefer
Title: 42 Years with Winslow

Followed by Open microphone

05:00 pm: Winslow Briggs

Reception & BBQ