Iterations of Nature: Series I: Botanical

The photographs for this series introduce unique designs based on botanical forms. Each image begins with a core pattern. Every iteration of the core is a reflection of its adjoining patterns (flipped front to back, left to right). By replicating mirror images of the core pattern multiple times, a design emerges that actively engages the viewer.

Artist's Statement

Samuel Wooten is a French San Francisco based photographer working in traditional and digital photography.  In 1998, he was a resident artist at Lightroom, Syracuse, NY. He is known for his groundbreaking documentary work in Middle Eastern and Northern African Sufi circles.  He has had solo shows in Italy, France, the Republic of Georgia, Japan, Philadelphia and San Francisco.  He also participated in several international juried group exhibitions.

Artist's Statement

My painting is an intersection of time and space: I take the stillness of the objects around us, countered with its always changing appearance. Tracing the realm of revelation beyond words neglected and unexplored, I record the small histories of passing time thus translating the past into the present.
Images lie in silence, isolated from the incessant activity of the surrounding world are valuable not in themselves but rather as signs of other things. Employing Trompe l'oeil technique, my work reveals its center of realities through its vulnerable stillness and presence of anonymous stories.

January 24-March 25 2011
Opening reception: February 11, 4:30 to 7 pm




Artist's Statement: 

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, and raised in Tokyo, Yoju first expressed an interest in art at the age of 4. She began formal study at the age of 8 at the Maejima Academy of Art, Tokyo where she continued for 25 years. Additional studies in Calligraphy with the well known instructor, Fujo Minami, Tokyo, were conducted throughout her primary and high school years. After high school followed three years of intensive study at the Kuwasawa and Ootsuka Academy of Design, Tokyo, and an additional 4 years of study at the Pacific Ocean Academy of Art, Tokyo. 


Artist's Statement

I make drawings and paintings that reflect my inner and outer worlds. They are often small, detailed and realistic. I see the work as an extension of self-portraiture. Instead of recording myself from the outside looking in, I draw myself from the inside looking out: I draw what I see around me. Many of my images are like polaroids or postcards in that they capture the feeling and appearance of being in a particular place at a particular time. They evoke memories, but at the same time they have become new objects with new stories, existing in their own right.

Copyright 2010 Bernadette Jiyong Frank Copyright 2010 Bernadette Jiyong Frank Copyright 2010 Bernadette Jiyong Frank

Artist Statement

Experimentation with colors and optical effect of meditative space is the predominant theme in Frank’s work. Stripes provide a platform to explore color relationship, light, space and harmony. Frank’s use of contrast and vibration in colors generate visual and emotional tension while formal elements in the composition bring the inner sense of order. Alternating colors make the stripes vibrate and pulsate, shifting from the foreground to the background. Forms and colors resist every attempt to fixate the spectator’s eyes. What seems apparent to viewer is the contradiction between the physical fact and the psychological effect. In Frank’s final composition, viewer is confronted to redefine his visual perception.

 Copyright 2010 Lucia Briggs Fine Porcelain  Copyright 2010 Lucia Briggs Fine Porcelain  Copyright 2010 Lucia Briggs Fine Porcelain

Artist's Statement

My work in ceramics began in 2004, and evolved out of a lifelong interest in design and form, combined with a passion for the natural world.  Before discovering the possibilities of clay, my primary means of artistic expression were classical piano, drawing, and painting – all things I have done to one degree or another my entire life.  And while coming later to ceramics than to other media,  it has served to anchor me artistically and focus my attention in a way that nothing else ever has.